Dahrren Dominguez

Of course, it’s pretty basic to start with the facts. So, yes, to make it clear: I am a woman, usually pre-judged by those who haven’t seen me yet because of my name. Sorry, I don’t have a second one like “Joy” or “May” to make it sound more “feminine”. And don’t ask me why, because unfortunately, I didn’t have Lam-Ang’s ability to name myself right after when I was born. You can call me “Da”, by the way.

Born on the 24th of October 1995. Loves food, music, art, good conversations and fun adventures.  Believe me, it’s not that hard to amuse me. Don’t be deceived by the default resting bitch face.

I graduated from UP Baguio Class of 2015 with a degree on BA Communication. Currently residing in Bulacan & working for my family in Manila, Philippines.

To be honest, I find it hard to compose a proper description of myself without self-doubting. Yes, I usually question myself and I have a very low self-esteem. I haven’t sorted my life out just yet, so I guess we’ll work on that as we go along with this blog.

Why “hersandhistory”?

This entire mess I’ve managed to put up as a blog would be about my personal life, the experiences I’ve gone and will go through, my musings, the story of us and everything in between. Ahh, I just really love the wordplay, so go figure.


Disclaimer: This blog is not intended to entertain you. I created this for myself as an alternative outlet for my cluttered thoughts. However, I won’t deprive you of your right to express yourself, too, so feel free to message me regarding your thoughts, may it be positive or not. Also, I’ve been taught that plagiarism shouldn’t be tolerated (thank you, my alma mater, and hello thesis!), so everything on this blog is mine unless otherwise stated. Thanks!