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Note To Self (Because I Never Listen)

Maybe I’ll keep it in mind this time. Breathe. I know you feel depressed right now. Like everything and everyone is going against you. You might feel alone. And sad. And angry. And miserable. But it’s okay. It’s just a phase and you’re gonna get through this. Nothing is ever permanent. So if your plans… Continue reading Note To Self (Because I Never Listen)

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[A Long Overdue] Journal Entry: 2 AM and Contemplating About Life

I normally write my feelings out. Whenever I get too emotional about certain things, I write them on a piece of paper, pour it all out, tear them to pieces then throw ’em away. Or sometimes I keep them hidden in a folder on my laptop. That’s my personal way of dealing with stress, I… Continue reading [A Long Overdue] Journal Entry: 2 AM and Contemplating About Life

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First Attempt at Modern Calligraphy

Last year, when I was on break after college graduation, I was mostly at home which obviously resulted to a LOT of free time. And so I thought… Why not make something out of it? Maybe I could learn something new like, uhm, sports? Meh, I’m not really into it, so maybe I could enroll in… Continue reading First Attempt at Modern Calligraphy